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Bee Services

Welcome to the Bees Toronto, a division of parent company Advantage Pest Control Inc.

Advantage Pest Control Inc. is a privately owned and operated business serving residential and commercial clients in the city of Toronto and the entire GTA region. Our mission can be defined simply as; quality 24-hour confidential and discreet service, results with guarantees, and a proven unblemished track record. Absolute satisfaction with no repercussions on our clients.

We Guarantee Our Work
Full guarantees for our work are offered for either 6 months or 1 year.

Unmarked Vehicles
Discretion is one of the most important considerations in our field and we take it very seriously.
Within 24 Hours Service
When you call us, we know you are eager to rid your problem.
That's why we offer within 24 hours service, we get a technician out sooner so you can get back to normal.
Bee Proofing
All of our services come with an exterior inspection to locate points of entry and advise you on how to bee-proof your home.

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A Division of Advantage Pest Control Inc